Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The slack poet is back, and publishing.

A year between posts is rather embarrassing.

Missing in action: 12 months.

Tut tut.

I could've cheated and back-dated a few posts, but I just couldn't be bothered. Not that you're not worth it, of course.

I'm happy to report that production of my book is now under way, albeit a year later.

I got sidetracked with some issues, but all sorted now.

I'm happy with the design, layout and general 'look and feel' of it.

Specialist bookbinder Chasdor Bindery in Allenby Gardens here in Adelaide will hand-bind the 150 copies for me.

Charles Zammit is the sweet man in charge there, and he has been really helpful. He put together a mock-up of the book, and it was great to see the final result.

I'm now wrestling with colour printer ink issues, consistency, quality control, and the general tedium of overseeing the job.

Aaaaah, the joy.

I am excited though.