Friday, March 24, 2006

Penfolds Grange: to invest or imbibe?

It was The Beautiful One’s significant birthday recently. We had a (nautical theme) party and he decided to break into his wine cellar.

He emerged, clutching tenderly a bottle of 1987 Penfolds Grange Hermitage. He decanted it carefully and ceremoniously. We gazed at it in awe.

A few people, including OriginalJennifer, got to sample it. It was sublime.

But was it really worth US$183.75 to $399.99? (Prices from

The Beautiful One had the bottle in his cellar for at least 14 years. When he bought it the Penfolds Grange brand didn’t have as much hype or ‘elitism’ associated with it as it does now.

To some, opening a Grange in anything other than certain surroundings and accompanied by particular foods would be a sacrilege.

The Beautiful One was happy to break it out between spring rolls, tandoori chicken and chocolate cake. But then, he doesn’t buy wine as an investment, but to drink (funny that), be it now, or in a few years.

The Beautiful One thought it was a lovely drop, and said that he enjoyed it and enjoyed sharing it.

OriginalJennifer thinks that’s the point: the ceremony of opening and sharing what is regarded as a particularly special bottle of red with close friends and loved ones is probably of much greater value than that special bottle of red gathering dust because market dictates it’s worth a small fortune - unopened.

OriginalJennifer hopes she’s around when he decides to break out the other two he has in that cellar!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Simon Armitage is beautiful. I guess I'm ugly.

Adelaide Writers' Week was on from 5-10 March this year, and it offered a feast of literary greats and their produce!

For me, one of the highlights was listening to UK poet Simon Armitage read his poetry and discuss aspects of poetry writing (in a panel discussion along with local poet Peter Goldsworthy and others).

The first poem he read was The Shout. The one that captured everyone's attention, however, was You're Beautiful.

Several times he was asked to re-read it but he refused, saying that he'd already read it and it was now floating in the atmosphere around us... Rather charming.

Now I'm hooked on his poetry. I managed to get hold of a copy of his Selected Poems (and he signed it).

And what was rather unusual for a poet, his books sold out at the event! There's hope for us poets yet!

I've found You're Beautiful on the web (click here). Simon is reciting it and the lyrics are there too. I hope the link stays active.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Paul van Dyk in Earth and I'm in Heaven

Hi, I'm Original Jennifer.

Welcome to my blog and thanks for visiting!

This is the first of (hopefully) many OriJenal postings about whatever takes my fancy.

I've just bought two tickets for the Paul van Dyk gig in Earth in Adelaide next week (29 March) and yup, I'm really looking forward to dance action from the trance supremo!

And just to get in the mood, I've spent this evening listening to Politics of Dancing. Talk about grooveability!