Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Solstice charm

An appropriate poem for the day that's in it.... this is also in my collection, Exposure (available from Ginninderra Press and Booktopia). Enjoy.

Solstice charm

On a June evening
the day almost ended
magic descended.
In an Adelaide hotel
a mysterious spell
weaved its way
between two struggling souls.
in mortals' guise
rendered surprise
A sensual kiss
mystical recognition
of what was past
and what might be.
and strange symbols
stir up
a witches' brew
of possibilities.
Between enchanted smiles
and sighs
they tentatively step
on the path to repair.
Bewitched lips
and eyes
beg for guidance
and healing.
Irrepressible grins
belie the sins
Both charmed,
both disarmed
by the gentle fragility
and perfect clarity
of those tender moments
one June evening.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Beautiful...just beautiful

6:44 pm  
Blogger OriginalJennifer said...

Thank you for dropping by and for your kind words, anonymous. :-)

1:10 am  

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